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TitleDateTypeSize (KB)Publishing OrganizationToolsIDDescriptionURL
1879 Nautical Chart of Tampa Bay1879doc_pdf5889U.S. Geological Survey1015278An 1879 nautical chart of Tampa Bay (Coast Chart No. 77). The chart includes historic shoreline, depth soundings, and bathymetric contour lines.129_1879chart_tampa.pdf3TampaBay
Alafia River Narrative 12001doc_pdf185Florida Center for Community Design and Research448Oral history narrative for the Alafia RiverRiver_Alafia1.pdf3TampaBay
Alafia River Narrative 22001doc_pdf196Florida Center for Community Design and Research449Oral History Narrative for the Alafia RiverRiver_Alafia2.pdf3TampaBay
Archaeological and Historical Survey of the Lake Thonotosassa By-Pass Canal Right-of-Way in Hillsbor1992doc_pdf2401.5Southwest Florida Water Management District1022191This report summarizes the findings of an archaeological and historical survey conducted for the Southwest Florida Water Management District to assess the cultural resources on land that will be impacted by the construction of the Lake Thonotosassa By-Pass Canal. Field investigation of this tract, which measured approximately ten square miles, was carried out by the author during November, 1976. Diagnostic-Feasibility-Study-Lake-Thonotosassa.pdf3TampaBay
Boot Lake Narrative2003doc_pdf450Florida Center for Community Design and Research1623Oral History Narrative for Boot Lake587_OH_Boot.pdf3TampaBay
Brown Lake Oral History Narrative2001doc_pdf106Florida Center for Community Design and Research345Brown Lake Oral History NarrativeLake_brown.pdf3TampaBay
Cedar Lake Narrative2005doc_pdf1125Florida Center for Community Design and Research1659Cedar Lake Oral History Narrative583_OH_Cedar_New.pdf3TampaBay
Dead Lady Narrative2002doc_pdf211Florida Center for Community Design and Research444Oral History Narrative for Dead Lady LakeLake_DeadLady.pdf3TampaBay
Florida Gulf Coast Red Tide1955doc_pdf1478.1University of Florida1007150Red tide organism, damage, distribution, eradication, and causes.433_Florida%20Gulf%20Coast%20Red%20Tide.pdf3TampaBay
Gornto Lake Narrative2001doc_pdf224Florida Center for Community Design and Research429Oral History Narrative for Gornto LakeLake_Gornto.pdf3TampaBay