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Poley Branch

Poley Branch

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located within Manatee River Watershed

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Explore general as well as scientific information about the movement, chemistry and biology of area surface water environments.

The data on this page indicate how fast the water is moving and how deep the water is on this water resource.

Click the Learn More links to explore each parameter and how it indicates Hydrology.

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Water Levels

Water levels typically follow rainfall patterns during periods of wet weather and drought. From these data, one can get a picture of how recent flood or drought events compare to historical data. Learn more about river water levels »

Water Levels
Latest Value High Water
Historic Norm
for Month
Historic Range Additional Information
No Data Available No Data Available No Data Available No Data Available No Data Available
Source(s): Not Available
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    Stream Flow and Levels

    Stream level and flow data for Poley Branch. Learn More about Stream Flow »

    Stream Flow and Levels
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      Advanced Data Features

      Files Graphs

      Data Download and Advanced Graphing Tool
      Download and/or graph water quality, hydrology, and rainfall trends using the data presented on the Atlas for use in your own analyses and reports.

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