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Water Resources in the Hillsborough Bay Watershed

Note: In the table below, S-T-R stands for Section-Township-Range. Learn more about location information »
Water Resource Name Alternate Names Water Resource Type County S-T-R
149th Ave (04-08)   Pond Hillsborough 29-27-19
Alafia River   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Alafia River - North Prong   River Polk N/A¹
Alafia River - South Prong   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Alafia River - South Prong - West Branch   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Alamo, Lake   Lake Polk 12-29-23
April Lane Pond   Lake Hillsborough 01-28-18
Archie Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Avelar Creek North (10-01)   Pond Hillsborough 6-31-20
Avenue Pond   Lake Polk 33-26-23
Baker Creek Seffner Canal River Hillsborough N/A¹
Bald Eagle Creek   River Polk N/A¹
Banjo Lake   Lake Pasco 18-26-19
Barrington (06-26) 93-051 (Barrington Subdivision) Pond Hillsborough 18-27-19
Barrington Homes (06-37) 97-241 (Barrington) Pond Hillsborough 18-27-19
Basset Branch   River Pasco N/A¹
Bay Lake   Lake Pasco 36-25-18
Bayou Branch   River Pasco N/A¹
Bayou Lake   Lake Pasco 25-25-20
Bee Tree Branch   River Pasco N/A¹
Behnke, Lake Campus Lake Lake Hillsborough 08-28-19
Bell Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Bell Creek Hammock (95-192)   Pond Hillsborough 23-30-20
Bell Creek Hammock Subdiv (94-060)   Pond Hillsborough 23-30-20
Bell Lake   Lake Pasco 13-26-18
Bellows Lake Outlet East Lake Drain River Hillsborough N/A¹
Bernadette, Lake   Lake Pasco 8-26-21
Beulah, Lake   Lake Polk 13-28-23
Big Ditch Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Big Fish Lake   Lake Pasco 21-24-19
Bird Branch   River Polk N/A¹
Bird Island Lakes   Lake Pasco 35-24-19
Bird Lake   Lake Pasco 36-26-18
Bird Lake   Lake Pasco 28-25-21
Black Lake   Lake Pasco 20-26-19
Black Water Lake   Lake Polk 34-29-23
Blackwater Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Blanton, Lake   Lake Polk 15-28-23
Bloomingdale (98-26)   Pond Hillsborough 12-30-20
Bloomingdale East (94-074)   Pond Hillsborough 13-30-20
Bloomingdale Oaks Pond People (07-05)   Pond Hillsborough 12-30-20
Bloomingdale P-Q (00-02)   Pond Hillsborough 7-30-21
Bloomingdale P-Q (95-213)   Pond Hillsborough 7-30-21
Bloomingdale Sec D (99-19)   Pond Hillsborough 11-30-20
Bloomingdale Sec H (06-29) 94-059 (Bloomingdale Sec H) Pond Hillsborough 14-30-20
Bloomingdale Sec W (95-220)   Pond Hillsborough 13-30-20
Bloomingdale Section R (94-084)   Pond Hillsborough 7-30-21
Bloomingdale West (02-07)   Pond Hillsborough 11-30-20
Bloomingdale West Park (04-06)   Pond Hillsborough 11-30-20
Blue Gill Lake Lake Gass, Gass Lake Lake Hillsborough 36-27-18
Blue Gill, Lake Lamps Pond Lake Hillsborough 36-27-18
Boggy Branch   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Boggy Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Bonnet Lake   Lake Pasco 33-25-21
Bonnet, Lake (Lakeland)   Lake Polk 14-28-23
Bonny Lake (Mulberry)   Lake Polk 4-30-24
Boyette Oaks (97-239)   Pond Hillsborough 23-30-20
Boyette Springs (99-17)   Pond Hillsborough 26-30-20
Boyette Springs - Parkhurst (11-10) 04-04 Pond Hillsborough 23-30-20
Boyette Springs Rainbridge (02-10)   Pond Hillsborough 22-30-20
Boyette Springs Sec A (95-206)   Pond Hillsborough 26-30-20
Boyette Springs Veterans Pond (06-24) 93-038 (Boyette Springs Sec A) Pond Hillsborough 26-30-20
Brandonwood (97-237)   Pond Hillsborough 17-29-20
Bristol Green (99-06)   Pond Hillsborough 18-30-21
Browns Lake   Lake Hillsborough 31-30-21
Brussels Boy - Pond 2 (06-05)   Pond Hillsborough 29-30-20
Brussels Boy - Pond 3 (06-06)   Pond Hillsborough 29-30-20
Brussels Boy - Pond 4 (06-07)   Pond Hillsborough 29-30-20
BSE (06-21)   Pond Hillsborough 26-30-20
BSHS Geoprobe (08-06)   Pond Hillsborough 01-30-20
Buckhorn Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Buddy Lake   Lake Pasco 17-25-21
Bullfrog Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Burrell Lake   Lake Hillsborough 31-27-19
C.W. Bill Young Regional Reservoir   Lake Hillsborough 11-31-21
Camelot Woods (03-09)   Pond Hillsborough 10-30-20
Camp Dorothy Thomas Lake   Lake Hillsborough 31-30-21
Campbell Branch   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Campus Hill Park Pond (10-02) 92-004 Pond Hillsborough 8-28-19
Carter Road X Pit   Lake Polk 25-29-23
Carter Road Y Pit Mulberry Pit Lake Polk 36-29-23
Catfish Lake   Lake Pasco 30-26-19
Cedar East Lake   Lake Hillsborough 11-28-18
Cedar Grove Aqueducks (97-247)   Pond Hillsborough 14-30-20
Cedar, Lake Cedar Lake, Cedar Lake West, West Cedar Lake Lake Hillsborough 11-28-18
Centennial Falcon (05-11)   Pond Hillsborough 7-30-21
Central Park Apts (04-12)   Pond Hillsborough 23-28-19
Chapman, Lake Lake Chapman South Lake Hillsborough 21-29-20
Charles, Lake   Lake Polk 15-28-23
Chito Branch   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Christina Pit Christina Lake Lake Polk 24-29-23
Clark Lake   Lake Polk 24-29-23
Clay Gully Creek   River Pasco N/A¹
Coachlight Pond (11-08) Stewart Manor (99-11) Pond Hillsborough 1-27-18
Colonial Lakes Pond Lubbers (01-01)   Pond Hillsborough 18-30-20
Colonial Oaks (94-112)   Pond Hillsborough 1-30-20
Commiston Lake   Lake Hillsborough 12-27-18
Cool Kell Lake   Lake Hillsborough 06-27-19
Cory Lake   Lake Hillsborough 15-27-20
Country Grove (13-05)   Pond Hillsborough 36-27-18
Country Lakes (10-03) 97-233 Pond Hillsborough 36-27-18
County Crossing (04-03)   Pond Hillsborough 8-27-20
Cow House Creek Cow House Slough River Hillsborough N/A¹
Creekbend Islanders (11-17) 98-11 Pond Hillsborough 15-29-20
Crescent Lake   Lake Polk 19-29-24
Cristina Le Petite (09-09) 02-13 (RVHS Christina), 06-02 (Lakes of Cristina) Pond Hillsborough 21-30-20
Cross Creek HOA Pond (04-14)   Pond Hillsborough 7-27-20
Curiosity Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Curry Cove (94-165)   Pond Hillsborough 30-27-19
Curve Lake   Lake Pasco 1-26-18
Cypress Creek   River Pasco N/A¹
Cypress Pond Ave Pond (04-18)   Pond Hillsborough 7-27-20
David, Lake (Lakeland)   Lake Polk 12-29-23
Deepbrook Pond (02-02)   Pond Hillsborough 26-30-20
Delaney Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Delaney Creek Popoff Canal   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Delaney Pond   Lake Hillsborough 23-29-19
Deming - Trueman Pond (11-02)   Pond Hillsborough 21-28-21
Dick Lake   Lake Pasco 26-25-20
Doe Branch Creek Chapman Hammock Creek River Hillsborough N/A¹
Dorset Lake   Lake Hillsborough 11-28-18
Dorset Pond 1   Pond Hillsborough 11-28-18
Dorset Pond 2   Pond Hillsborough 11-28-18
Dorset Pond 3   Pond Hillsborough 11-28-18
Dowdell's Jaguar 7th Grad (98-31)   Pond Hillsborough 23-29-19
Duff Lake   Lake Polk 15-27-23
Dupree Lake   Lake Pasco 7-26-19
Dynamic Duo (99-10)   Pond Hillsborough 29-27-19
Eagles Landing Lake   Lake Hillsborough 31-30-20
East Canal   River Hillsborough N/A¹
East Lake Cow Lake Lake Pasco 19-26-19
East Lake Bellows Lake Lake Hillsborough 02-29-19
East Lake Alum Pond Bellows Lake Alum Pond Pond Hillsborough 02-29-19
East Lake Ellis   Lake Pasco 13-26-18
Eckles, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 11-28-18
Edna, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 02-29-18
Emerald Acres Pond (04-16)   Pond Hillsborough 20-28-21
Emerald Acres Pond (13-09)   Pond Hillsborough 20-28-21
English Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Ernest, Lake   Lake Polk 16-28-23
Falcon Creek Pl (03-04)   Pond Hillsborough 22-30-21
Fallowfield Pond (06-11)   Pond Hillsborough 18-27-19
Fantasia Lake   Lake Hillsborough 18-30-20
Feinsinger Lake   Lake Hillsborough 06-27-19
Fern Lake   Lake Polk 13-29-23
FF Richard T. Muldowney Jr., Lake   Lake Hillsborough 02-28-18
Fishhawk Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Fivemile Creek   River Pasco N/A¹
Flint Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Florida Aquarium (96-227)   Pond Hillsborough 19-29-19
Floyd, Lake   Lake Pasco 25-26-18
Flynn Lake   Lake Hillsborough 31-27-19
Forest East (07-02)   Pond Hillsborough 32-27-19
Forest North (07-03)   Pond Hillsborough 32-27-19
Forest, Lake (06-35)   Pond Hillsborough 32-27-19
Fox Run (10-11)   Pond Hillsborough 07-30-21
Foxwood Lake   Lake Polk 26-27-23
Galloway, Lake Hidden Lake Lake Polk 22-27-23
Garland Court Pond   Lake Hillsborough 01-28-18
Gator Haven Pond (05-13)   Pond Hillsborough 8-30-21
George Lake (Lakeland)   Lake Polk 15-28-23
Gilbert, Lake   Lake Pasco 15-25-21
Glen, Lake   Lake Polk 16-28-23
Golden Antler Pond (09-05)   Pond Hillsborough 32-27-19
Golden Trout Lake   Lake Hillsborough 02-28-18
Gooseneck Lake   Lake Pasco 29-26-19
Gornto Lake   Lake Hillsborough 21-29-20
Grady, Lake Branch Creek, Shadow Lake Lake Hillsborough 35-30-20
Grant Park Addition (02-16)   Pond Hillsborough 10-29-19
Greco Road Pond   Lake Hillsborough 03-30-20
Gully Branch   River Hillsborough N/A¹
H.C. Democratic Executive (93-040)   Pond Hillsborough 36-27-18
H2HO (03-08)   Pond Hillsborough 33-29-20
Halls Branch Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Hamilton Branch   River Polk N/A¹
Hammock Lake   Lake Hillsborough 06-29-22
Hanging Moss Lake   Lake Polk 27-29-23
Hanna Lake   Lake Hillsborough 18-27-19
Harris, Lake   Lake Polk 12-29-23
Hart Lake   Lake Hillsborough 05-27-19
Hendrics Lake   Lake Hillsborough 26-29-20
Heron, Lake   Lake Pasco 36-26-18
Hickory Hammock Lake   Lake Hillsborough 34-29-20
Hickory Lakes Manor (98-27)   Pond Hillsborough 36-28-20
Hickory Woods Pond #1 (05-04)   Pond Hillsborough 14-30-20
Hidden Lake   Lake Hillsborough 22-28-18
Hidden Lake   Lake Pasco 21-25-21
Highland Lake   Lake Polk 13-29-23
Hillsborough Bay   Bay Hillsborough N/A¹
Hillsborough River   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Hilltop Preserve (13-11)   Pond Hillsborough 27-28-21
Hog Island Lake   Lake Hillsborough 06-27-19
Hollomans Branch   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Hooker, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 12-29-20
Hope Park (01-10)   Pond Hillsborough 11-29-19
Hope Spring Pond Group (10-12)   Pond Hillsborough 26-30-20
Hounds Run Pond (00-06)   Pond Hillsborough 20-27-19
Howard, Lake   Lake Polk 15-28-23
Howell Branch Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Hunter, Lake   Lake Polk 24-28-23
Huntington Road Pond   Lake Hillsborough 03-30-20
Hurrah Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Hurrah Lake   Lake Hillsborough 30-31-22
Hutto Lake   Lake Hillsborough 25-30-20
Indian Creek   River Pasco N/A¹
Indian Lake   Lake Polk 4-27-23
Itchepackesassa Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Jerry Pond   Lake Hillsborough 27-30-20
Jerry Pond Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Jo Ann, Lake   Lake Pasco 30-26-19
Jonathan, Lake   Lake Polk 2-30-23
Joyce, Lake Hog Lake Lake Pasco 19-26-19
June Lake   Lake Hillsborough 15-29-20
Karney Lake   Lake Pasco 12-25-20
Kathy, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 20-29-20
Keene, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 07-27-19
KEHOA Otters (02-03)   Pond Hillsborough 7-27-19
Kehoa Pond C (02-09)   Pond Hillsborough 7-27-19
Kehoa Pond F (02-08)   Pond Hillsborough 7-27-19
Kell, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 01-27-18
Kelly Lake   Lake Polk 36-28-23
Ken Lake   Lake Hillsborough 19-30-20
King Lake   Lake Pasco 7-26-19
King Lake   Lake Pasco 22-25-20
Lake Branch   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Lake Butler Turtle Lake Lake Hillsborough 02-28-18
Lake Hurly Tailwater Pond   Pond Hillsborough 24-31-20
Lake St Clair Lake Committee (06-39)   Pond Hillsborough 24-31-19
Landing Pond (10-08) (98-17) The Landing Pond Hillsborough 15-29-20
Larson Pond   Pond Hillsborough 23-29-20
Lester Lake   Lake Polk 22-27-23
Lewis Branch Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Lithia Ridge Homeowners Association (05-18)   Pond Hillsborough 8-30-21
Lithia Ridge Homeowners Association (05-19)   Pond Hillsborough 8-30-21
Little Alafia River   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Little Black Lake   Lake Pasco 12-26-18
Little Bullfrog Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Little Fishhawk Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Little Lake Victoria   Lake Polk 18-29-24
Livingston Unit 4 (95-221) 93-042 (Pond Eddy Subdivision Unit), 95-214 (Livingston Unit III-A), 95-216 (Livingston Unit III-B), 95-217 (Livingston Acres Unit III-A) Pond Hillsborough 19-27-19
Long Flat Creek Pringle Branch River Hillsborough N/A¹
Long Pond Hunter Lake, Lake Pond Lake Hillsborough 13-29-20
Lutz Lake Little Hobbs Lake Lake Hillsborough 12-27-18
Mack, Lake (Lakeland)   Lake Polk 16-28-23
Mango Canal Mango Channel River Hillsborough N/A¹
Mango Lake   Lake Hillsborough 09-29-20
Mann Pond   Lake Pasco 3-25-19
Maplewood Village- Pond D (00-01)   Pond Hillsborough 9-30-21
Marshall Middle School (95-222)   Pond Hillsborough 28-28-22
Mcateer, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 20-28-20
Mccollough Branch Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
McComas, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 07-30-20
Mccrea Pond Family (04-13)   Pond Hillsborough 30-27-19
Mead Lake   Lake Hillsborough 22-29-20
Medard Reservoir Medard Park Lake Hillsborough 36-29-21
Memory Lane HOA (04-09)   Pond Hillsborough 33-29-21
Mid Lake   Lake Hillsborough 11-28-18
Middle Tampa Bay   Bay Hillsborough N/A¹
Middle Valrico Lake   Lake Hillsborough 13-29-20
Mill Creek Westside Canal River Hillsborough N/A¹
Mill Lake   Lake Hillsborough 32-27-19
Miracle Workers (04-01)   Pond Hillsborough 27-28-18
Misty Lake   Lake Polk 27-29-23
Mizelle Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Moody Pond   Lake Hillsborough 10-32-20
Moore Lake   Lake Hillsborough 32-28-21
Moore Lake Drain   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Morgan Creek   River Polk N/A¹
Morris, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 01-28-18
Mountain Lake (Mulberry)   Lake Polk 18-29-24
Myrtle Lake   Lake Pasco 30-26-19
Ne Shadow Pond (04-17)   Pond Hillsborough 8-27-20
Nelson Elementary (04-07)   Pond Hillsborough 4-30-21
New River   River Pasco N/A¹
New River Pond   Lake Pasco 32-24-19
New Ryan, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 06-27-19
Noreast, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 11-28-18
North Archie Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Oak Lake   Lake Polk 13-29-23
Oak Ledge (97-231)   Pond Hillsborough 19-27-19
Oakes Pond   Lake Pasco 34-24-19
Osprey Park (06-01)   Pond Hillsborough 20-30-21
Osprey Park Ponders (01-12)   Pond Hillsborough 20-30-21
Owens Branch Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Padgett, Lake   Lake Pasco 24-26-18
Palm Ridge (98-23)   Pond Hillsborough 9-29-20
Palm River Six Mile Creek, Tampa Bypass Canal River Hillsborough N/A¹
Pasadena, Lake   Lake Pasco 9-25-21
Pelleham Branch Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Pemberton Creek Mill Creek River Hillsborough N/A¹
Pemberton Creek Dr (06-25)   Pond Hillsborough 24-28-20
Pico Pond (99-09)   Pond Hillsborough 27-28-18
Pine Lake   Lake Polk 13-29-23
Pine Pond Golfside Pond Lake Hillsborough 11-28-18
Pine, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 11-28-18
Pinerose Yacht Club (09-01) 95-215 (Lakeview Village Sec D) Pond Hillsborough 10-29-20
Poley Creek   River Polk N/A¹
Pollard Branch   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Pond Dwellers (11-03) PONDWATCH (06-913) Pond Hillsborough 27-30-20
Pond Pals Of Hickory Hill (00-10)   Pond Hillsborough 36-28-20
PONDWATCH (06-904)   Pond Hillsborough 10-28-21
PONDWATCH (06-905)   Pond Hillsborough 14-30-20
PONDWATCH (06-906) Lake Dorothea, Little Twin Lake Lake Hillsborough 22-28-18
PONDWATCH (06-909)   Pond Hillsborough 05-30-20
PONDWATCH (07-902)   Pond Hillsborough 5-27-19
Preston Woods (05-07)   Pond Hillsborough 13-30-20
Pretty Pond   Lake Pasco 36-25-21
Pura Vida Pond (Pure Life Pond) (09-04)   Pond Hillsborough 10-31-20
Ranch Lake (97-242)   Pond Hillsborough 32-27-19
Ray Pond   Lake Pasco 5-25-21
Red Bug Lake   Lake Pasco 36-25-18
Regalwoods (98-10)   Pond Hillsborough 17-27-19
Rice Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
River Close (01-06)   Pond Hillsborough 18-30-21
River Hills Country Club (98-29)   Pond Hillsborough 9-30-21
River Hills Maplewood (98-34)   Pond Hillsborough 9-30-21
Riverdale (98-24)   Pond Hillsborough 25-28-19
Riverglen Unit 1 (97-240)   Pond Hillsborough 22-30-20
Riverwatch (01-05)   Pond Hillsborough 22-30-20
Roberta, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 31-28-19
Robles Lake   Lake Hillsborough 12-29-18
Rockrose Pond (05-12)   Pond Hillsborough 7-27-20
Russell, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 01-28-18
Rustling Oaks (02-11)   Pond Hillsborough 16-29-20
San Gully Lake   Lake Polk 26-28-23
Sand Pond   Lake Pasco 22-25-21
Saxon Lake   Lake Pasco 30-26-19
Scott Lake   Lake Polk 18-29-24
Scotts Lake West   Lake Polk 7-29-24
Seminole Lake   Lake Hillsborough 25-28-21
Sentry Lake   Lake Polk 27-29-23
September, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 30-27-19
Shadow Crest (02-01)   Pond Hillsborough 26-30-20
Shady Lake   Lake Polk 12-29-23
Shangri-la Lake   Lake Hillsborough 36-28-20
Sharon, Lake   Lake Pasco 12-26-18
Silver Lake   Lake Hillsborough 27-28-18
Sinclair, Lake Burrell Lake Lake Hillsborough 31-27-19
Six Mile Creek Palm River, Tampa Bypass Canal, Harney Creek River Hillsborough N/A¹
Six Pound Pond   Lake Polk 24-29-23
Sixmile Pond   Lake Pasco 18-26-21
Spartman Branch Sparkman Branch River Hillsborough N/A¹
Spring Lake (05-06) 94-064 (Bloomingdale Sec F-F), Spring Lake Pond Hillsborough 13-30-20
Stanley Branch   River Pasco N/A¹
Stearns Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Stearns, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 03-30-21
Stemper, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 13-27-18
Stewart Manor (00-09)   Pond Hillsborough 1-27-18
Stonewater Lake   Lake Polk 35-28-23
Summer Springs (06-34)   Pond Hillsborough 10-31-20
Sunnyhills Drive Pond   Pond Hillsborough 16-29-20
Sunshine Better Earth (99-03)   Pond Hillsborough 14-30-19
Sutton Estates (13-02) 98-09 Pond Hillsborough 29-27-19
Swamp Lake   Lake Hillsborough 12-27-18
Sweetwater Oaks II (11-11)   Pond Hillsborough 04-28-19
Symphony Lake   Lake Polk 32-28-23
Taliaferro East   Pond Hillsborough 12-28-18
Taliaferro West   Pond Hillsborough 12-28-18
Tampa Bypass Canal   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Tampa Lake Turtle Lake Lake Pasco 32-26-19
Tarragon Ponders (10-06)   Pond Hillsborough 27-30-20
Teakwood Tornadoes (02-05)   Pond Hillsborough 2-28-18
Temple Terrace Woods (01-15)   Pond Hillsborough 19-28-20
Tenmile Lake Lake Kathy Lake Hillsborough 21-29-20
Terry's Tributary   River Hillsborough N/A¹
The Springs (94-133)   Pond Hillsborough 2-28-18
Thirteenmile Run   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Thirtymile Creek   River Polk N/A¹
Thonotosassa, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 11-28-20
Tiger Creek Canal   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Tim, Lake Lake Jim Lake Polk 15-28-23
Timber Knoll (92-017)   Pond Hillsborough 1-30-20
Toni, Lake   Lake Pasco 30-26-19
Treasure Lake Lucy Lake Lake Pasco 1-26-18
Triangle Lake   Lake Polk 13-29-23
Trout Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Turkey Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Twin Lake   Lake Hillsborough 22-28-18
Twin Lake   Lake Pasco 28-26-19
Twin Oak Lake   Lake Polk 27-29-23
Two Hole Branch Creek   River Hillsborough N/A¹
Valencia Homeowners (01-03)   Pond Hillsborough 11-29-20
Valrico Lake Kiser Lake Lake Hillsborough 13-29-20
Valrico Oaks (09-03)   Pond Hillsborough 18-29-21
Victoria, Lake   Lake Polk 18-29-24
Villas At Bloomingdale (00-12)   Pond Hillsborough 12-30-20
VLSC (03-05)   Pond Hillsborough 7-30-20
Walden Lake Mud Lake Lake Hillsborough 06-29-22
Way Pond   Lake Pasco 33-24-19
Wee Lake   Lake Hillsborough 15-29-20
Weeks, Lake   Lake Hillsborough 01-29-20
West Lake Ellis   Lake Pasco 13-26-18
West Meadows Lake 1   Lake Hillsborough 11-27-19
West Meadows Lake 2   Lake Hillsborough 12-27-19
Wilder Park Sub (97-246)   Pond Hillsborough 22-28-22
Willow Creek (08-15)   Pond Hillsborough 24-27-18
Willow Pond (03-06)   Pond Hillsborough 19-27-19
Windemere (00-04)   Pond Hillsborough 18-27-19
Windemere (95-203)   Pond Hillsborough 18-27-19
Windsor Oaks (13-01)   Pond Hillsborough 18-27-19
Winston, Lake   Lake Polk 16-28-23
Wire, Lake   Lake Polk 13-28-23
Woodbury Lake   Lake Hillsborough 20-29-20
Ybor City Drain 29th St Drainage Canal River Hillsborough N/A¹
Zephyr, Lake   Lake Pasco 14-26-21
¹ - S-T-R values are not assigned to bays or rivers

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