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Hillsborough River Watershed Alliance disbanding

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After nearly 25 years of providing education, project management, and public outreach in the Hillsborough River watershed, the Hillsborough River Watershed Alliance (HRWA) is closing. The decision has been difficult. However, other agencies have grown or refocused their efforts in support of the watershed. The HRWA Board felt it was time to retire. Through the years, the HRWA has evolved and refocused efforts as needs arose. The HRWA is proud of its many accomplishments and its efforts to protect this vital watershed.

The Hillsborough River Watershed Alliance (HRWA) began as the Hillsborough River Greenways Task Force (HRGTF). The organization was formed in February 1992. The primary goal of the HRGTF was to serve as a catalyst and facilitator for the protection, enhancement and restoration of the Hillsborough River Basin. The HRGTF was a consensus-building group that sought voluntary, incentive-based solutions to the variety of complex issues of the Hillsborough River Basin. Through the years, community partnerships grew and strengthened to the point that the HRGTF had become a well-known and respected organization within the Tampa Bay community. As the focus of the HRGTF changed, the organization became the Hillsborough River Watershed Alliance (HRWA).

The Frog Listening Network (FLN), begun in 1998, is a citizen science-monitoring program that educates and engages Florida residents about west-central Florida's frogs and toads. Frogs and toads serve as environmental indicators because of their skins' exceptional sensitivity to changes in their habitats. Recently the FLN has been hosted on the Tampa Bay Water Atlas, but it will continue under the auspices of the Lowry Park Zoo, a longtime partner with the HRWA.