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Flooding changes on the maps in Manatee County

New flood insurance rate maps released by the Federal Emergency Management Agency may offer financial relief to some homeowners in the Heritage Harbour and Waterlefe Golf and River Club communities.

According to the newly proposed FEMA maps, dozens of homes south of the Manatee River, north of Port Harbour Parkway and west of Upper Manatee River Road may no longer require flood insurance because of changes in base flood elevations. The base flood elevation is the elevation at which floodwater is expected to rise during a flood event.

Flood insurance is required for homesites below or at up to 4 feet above base flood elevation. The proposed FEMA maps affect hundreds of houses.

Preliminary FEMA maps show about 100 properties along roads like Grand Estuary Trail, River Hammock Drive, Windingbrook Lane, Riverbank Terrace and Winding Stream Way have been removed from high-risk zones and no longer require flood insurance.