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Manatee County to purchase land for government operations center

The County will purchase 161 rural acres for future sheriff, utilities, and public works operations centers

MANATEE COUNTY — Manatee County Commissioners today authorized the purchase of 161 acres in East Manatee for a new government operations center to serve Manatee County’s fastest growing areas, Parrish and Lakewood Ranch. The purchase will improve infrastructure maintenance efficiency to a community that is growing by 10,000 people a year and adds miles of roads, pipes, traffic signals and other supporting infrastructure annually.

Currently, the County’s field crews travel from two facilities in SW County, one near GT Bray and the other near Tropicana, to serve the entire 800+ square mile county. This daily travel adds wear and tear to heavy equipment and “time in the truck” for crews as traffic grows. These locations add to response times for immediate service requests and add time to the job. While new, infrastructure in communities like Lakewood Ranch and Parrish still require maintenance. It becomes less efficient to serve these high growth areas from facilities in SW County.

The land is generally located at SE corner of SR 64 and Lena Rd. The land, is generally located apart from dense residential areas and north of SR 64. The property is adjacent to the County’s existing Lena Road Landfill and its Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant in East Manatee. This site will eventually house the County’s Public Works, Utilities field infrastructure and fleet support services. It will eventually site a district operations center, fleet service and other support facilities for the Manatee Sheriff’s Office.