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Coastal design grant research begins for Tampa’s Palmetto Beach

TAMPA – The City of Tampa is working with community members in Palmetto Beach to create climate-ready infrastructure improvements with a new coastal design grant.

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation provided the city with a $200,000 grant for research.

“It’s a really exciting grant that we’ve been eying for several years to help bring coastal resilience solutions to this community,” Tampa’s Sustainability and Resilience Officer Whit Remer said.

An interdisciplinary team of engineers, scientists and designers are developing “conceptual coastal resilience plans” that will work to provide protection from storms, improve water quality, increase marine habitats and add aesthetic value to the area.

Remer said the study is going to last a little more than a year. They will be taking water samples, speaking to those in the community and understanding how the seawall might be reimagined and repaired to help provide additional support to the community.

The City of Tampa is interested in the project as a pilot to establish a design process for near and off-shore nature-based risk mitigation strategies in urbanized areas. The city said possible measure include additional living shorelines, breakwaters, longshore bars, enhanced seawalls and onshore green infrastructure.